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Mobile Fitness App Concept

Product Design

Workout like your favorite celebrity!


Create a unique digital experience for workouts and fitness training  


Product Designer

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Concept Ideation

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Visual Design 



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3 Day Design Sprint

This was an intensive 3-day Design Sprint, participated by fellow classmates in my UX Program.

The prompt: Design a Workout App using some of the latest design tools and practices!  Deliver a working prototype and a case study with user research, a minimum of one persona, user flows, and wireframes/mockups.

Provided with an open-ended prompt, and some secondary research, we identified a lack of motivation, and sticking to a diet and exercise regimen as our design problem:  We all know that exercise is a good thing.  Among the broad spectrum of factors that influence someone's daily exercise habits, what are the sources of motivation?

A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and this article in Penn Today, identified an aspirational mindset, healthy competition, and social influences as sources of motivation.

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As a result, we came up with A-List Fitness: A mobile-based fitness app that influences and motivates users to incorporate healthy eating and daily exercise by enabling competition among users, and celebrity/influencer workout regimens, as workout inspiration.  We do after all live in a time where some social media influencers get paid more than the US President.

Our teamwork won us each paid internships with start-ups at the end of our coursework. (I interned at Open Stage Project)

Goals for the
Design Sprint

Encouraging: Our product empowers and impresses users with a delightful and smart design

Efficient: A working prototype must be delivered in time

Inclusive: A product that's fully accessible 

Research Insights

Running on the assumption that those interested in working out are doing so to get fit.  I wanted to know more of what motivated them?

15 participants were surveyed. 

From that research we discovered:

  • 40%  answered friends, family and colleagues as fitness and wellness role models

  • 27% listed celebrities and influencers as workout role models or their body goals

Two particular user types were identified with distinct behaviors, goals and needs.

Low Active Exerciser

  • Fitness is intimidating

  • Goal to lose weight

  • Engage online socially

High Active Exerciser

  • Familiar with the benefits of exercise and nutrition

  • Specific goals and metrics

  • Gets bored/unchallenged with current workout

Pilates Class on Reformers
Workout Break

too be continued...

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